Welcome to Reports Sarajevo!

This website provides a documentation of illegal pushbacks of refugees throughout the „Balkan-Route“. We want to make police violence and illegal deportation visible. The aim is, to give all of those a voice who have to endure these illegal and violent actions. This is a specific website for reports taken in Sarajevo. For a wider database, you can also visit borderviolence.eu



This website contains pictures and texts about violence that may be disturbing. Please only proceed if you feel safe reading and seeing contents about (police-)violence.



What is a Pushback?

By definition, a pushback is

„to move or force someone or something back from someone or something“1

This is what happens every day to refugees who are trying to cross Croatia. In the EU-Law it is written, that every individual – no matter if they entered the country illegally or not – has the right to apply for asylum and that his/her individual case is checked2.. However, in reality refugees are being illegally deported from Croatia back to Bosnia, often also experiencing police violence.